Find the Answers to Your APA Style Questions

As the semester draws to a close, students may begin to find that they have questions about the intricacies of APA Style®. Some can be easily answered by referring to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, or one of our other style guides, but what about the trickier questions?

APA’s Style Experts are here to help! On, you can find a variety of resources, including Frequently Asked Questions and a tutorial on The Basics of APA Style.

You can also visit the APA Style Blog, where Style Experts address some of the most common, and most interesting, questions that they receive from students, librarians, and authors.

Screenshot of the APA Style Blog

You’ll find posts covering how to cite the video of a TED Talk, use of “they” as a pronoun, dealing with DOIs, citing online maps, and more. Just use the search box at the top right to see if a Style Expert has already answered your question.

If not, you can submit your question via email to Please note that if you’re on a tight deadline, they may not be able to get back to you in time. If your question is regarding how to cite something that you can’t find an example of, this post can help!

Style Experts also monitor social media for questions and comments. You can find them online at:

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Learn more about APA Style® CENTRAL, a suite of services and tools designed to ease the pain points encountered by students, instructors and librarians in teaching, learning, and applying APA Style. APA Style CENTRAL will launch this spring. To learn more and sign up for updates, visit


Tutorial Thursday: How to Find DOIs in APA PsycINFO

It’s Tutorial Thursday! In this series, we explore APA’s extensive library of video tutorials, available on YouTube. Please feel free to link or embed videos or playlists in library websites or LibGuides, course management systems, or other locations where students, faculty, and researchers will find them.

When we look at the most frequently watched videos on the PsycINFO® YouTube channel, there’s one video that’s always in the top ten most-watched tutorials: “How to Find DOIs in APA PsycINFO.”

Screenshot of How to Find DOIs in APA PsycINFO tutorial.

The tutorial defines Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and explores how to find them in PsycINFO on the APA PsycNET, EBSCOhost, Ovid, and ProQuest platforms. It also points out where to look for them on full-text PDFs, and demonstrates CrossRef’s DOI lookup tool.

Since DOIs figure prominently in properly formatted APA Style® references, this video has been linked from our APA Style help resources, and from many library and writing center webpages as well. It’s a popular video that’s been watched more than 89,000 times since it was uploaded in November 2009.

Six years is a long time in the life of a tutorial like this one, and earlier this year we decided it was time to refresh this video. You can find the new version of this tutorial on the PsycINFO YouTube channel, and we’re working to update links on the APA websites.

The old version won’t appear when you visit our YouTube Channel, but we haven’t deleted it, so links to it will still work. We can’t automatically direct users to the updated version, but we’ve edited the video title and description to point users to the new version. If you’ve embedded this tutorial in a webpage and would like to update it, simply follow any link from this post to the new version.

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Webinar Alert: PsycINFO Sessions for Students & Faculty April 13-15

Our next series of PsycINFO® webinars for students and faculty will run on April 13, 14, and 15 from 11 – 11:30 a.m. (EDT). The sessions may be taken separately, but we encourage those who are interested to take all three, and offer them on consecutive days:

We will provide information relevant to all search platforms including APA PsycNET, EBSCOhost, Ovid, and ProQuest. The platform used will be based on the needs of the attendees of each session. For more information on this series, including full descriptions, please visit our website.

These webinars are an ideal way for students to get a refresher on PsycINFO if they have had training earlier in the semester. Please help us spread the word to interested students and faculty!

Now Available in PsycARTICLES: The Humanistic Psychologist

Three new journals will be added to PsycARTICLES® over the course of 2016. We will provide updates on their availability throughout the year. More information about APA’s journals, including special issues, is available on our website.

Cover image of The Humanistic PsychologistWe are pleased to announce that full-text back issues for The Humanistic Psychologist are now available back to Volume 13. (Issues 1-12 were the society’s newsletter, and will not be added to PsycARTICLES.) The first APA-published issue will be Volume 44, Issue 1, and is scheduled to release in March.

The journal, which is the official publication of APA Division 32: The Society for Humanistic Psychology, publishes papers on a wide variety of theories, psychotherapies, and perspectives relating to humanistic psychology, as well as papers on qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research. Articles published in 2015 examined topics including the psychological aspects of singing, the ethics of attention, and an exploration of hallucinations as the amplification of negative emotions from a patient’s past.

PsycARTICLES users on APA PsycNET® (including subscribers to APA PsycNET Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum), EBSCOhost, Ovid and ProQuest can review all available issues by browsing PsycARTICLES or by performing a title search for the journal.

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Learn more about The Humanistic Psychologist, including manuscript submission policies and information about subscribing in print.

Introducing the PsycCRITIQUES Spotlight

PsycCRITIQUES® is APA’s database of reviews of psychology related books, films, and videos. These reviews are ideal for instructors in need of classroom activities and readings, librarians responsible for collection development, and practitioners looking to keep current.

Screenshot of Highlights in Psychological Research webpageFor several years, the editors of PsycCRITIQUES maintained a blog, where they discussed the topics raised in the books being reviewed. The blog now has a new format – PsycCRITIQUES Spotlight – and a new home with our Highlights in Psychological Research.

In addition to the PsycCRITIQUES Spotlight, our Highlights in Psychological Research include the APA Journals Article Spotlight™ and Particularly Exciting Experiments in Psychology™ (PeePs). These look at the latest research from APA Journals; Article Spotlights through the lens of a single article, and PeePs explore trends in recent publications. Finally, the APA Journals Dialogue podcast connects listeners with authors, who discuss the findings from recent research, and implications for further work.

Highlights in Psychological Research are rich source of information. They’re a useful tool for anyone looking to keep current with new developments in behavioral sciences research. They can also be used by students and instructors when brainstorming topics for assignments, and by librarians who need fresh ideas for search examples.

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Visit the PsycINFO YouTube channel to watch a brief video exploring PsycCRITIQUES.