Presentation Available for APA Style CENTRAL Online Introduction

The APA Style CENTRAL® Online Introduction is a 1-hour webinar that introduces librarians to APA Style CENTRAL. The session includes a content overview and live demonstration of features, and is a great way tour the learning resources available, and get acquainted with the platform.

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If you’ve been interested in attending but haven’t been able to join a session, you’ll be glad to hear that we recently posted the presentation online. Please feel free to share this with any colleagues who may be interested, and to adapt it for your own training sessions.

You can view or download the presentation on the APA Style CENTRAL SlideShare channel.

The schedule for this, and other, APA Style CENTRAL webinars is available on our website.

Exhibits Update: International Writing Centers Association Conference


The International Writing Centers Association Conference will be held at the Denver Marriott City Center in Denver, CO, from October 13-16, 2016.

If representatives from your campus writing center are attending, please encourage them to visit the American Psychological Association table. Representatives from APA will be available to demonstrate APA Style CENTRAL®, our new resource for learning, teaching, and writing in APA Style®.



Webinar Alert: APA Style CENTRAL Online Introductions for October 2016

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APA Style CENTRAL® is the newest member of the APA Style® family, and launched on July 11.

APA’s training specialists have developed a one-hour introductory session for librarians. This webinar includes a content overview and a live demonstration of features. (Please note that additional training on administrative features, as well as training geared toward students and other users, is currently in development.)

There are five sessions scheduled for October. Click on any session below to register (all times are EDT/UTC -4):

For more information, and to see the full schedule, visit the APA Style CENTRAL webinars page.

Webinar Alert: Two New Sessions for APA Style CENTRAL

Laptop displaying APA Style CENTRAL homepage.We are pleased to announce the availability of two brand new webinars for APA Style CENTRAL®!

Teaching With APA Style CENTRAL® covers content, features, and tools in APA Style CENTRAL that can be incorporated into course and bibliographic instruction. Faculty members, librarians, instructors, and anyone else responsible for teaching APA Style will benefit from this session.

Writing Papers in APA Style CENTRAL® teaches end users how to create and save papers using APA Style CENTRAL. Students and other end users, as well as faculty members, librarians and instructors, can all benefit from this session.

Please note that these sessions will not include a review of APA Style guidelines. Attendees are not required to have access to APA Style CENTRAL, but those who do not should note that the APA Style CENTRAL Online Introductions will provide a more holistic overview than these sessions.

All times are United States Eastern Daylight Time (EDT / UTC -4).

Teaching With APA Style CENTRAL

Writing Papers in APA Style CENTRAL

Does your institution subscribe to APA Style CENTRAL? Are you in the midst of a free trial? Please help us spread the word to any teaching faculty or writing center instructors who may be interested!

This post was edited on 9/27/16 to reflect a change in the start time of the October 6 session.

Frequently Asked Questions on APA Style CENTRAL

APA Style CENTRAL® is an authoritative resource developed by our Style Experts. It is a suite of services and tools designed to ease the pain points encountered by students, instructors and librarians in teaching, learning, and writing in APA Style. Online Introduction webinars are offered weekly, and are a great way to take a structured tour of all of the tools available in this revolutionary new resource.

Many attendees at these sessions – as well as those who are exploring APA Style CENTRAL on their own, through a free trial for their institution – have the same questions. We have gathered them into two sets of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). A General FAQ suitable for all users, including students and faculty, and an Administrative FAQ intended for librarians.

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Both of these FAQs are available on the APA Style CENTRAL website. When reviewing these FAQs, don’t miss the extended versions! These are available as PDFs linked at the top of the webpage.

If your question isn’t answered in the FAQs, or if you’d like more details, please contact us at