Webinar Alert and Slides from the MLA Sunrise Seminar

Our Sunrise Seminar at Mosaic ‘16 (the joint conference of the Medical Library Association, the Canadian Health Libraries Association, and the International Clinical Librarian Conference) took place on Monday. The session covered:

The presentation included several live search demos:

  • EBSCOhost: Using the Thesaurus
  • APA Style CENTRAL overview
  • APA PsycNET: PsycTHERAPY overview
  • Ovid and ProQuest: searching PsycINFO for information on tests & measures

If you weren’t able to join us, there are two ways you can get the material. First, the slides are now available on our Slideshare account. We recommend downloading the slides and viewing them in PowerPoint, as the presenter notes area includes additional information for each slide.

Second, we will be reprising the session as a webinar! (Note that you did attend in person, no new or additional information will be presented during this session.)

APA Sunrise Seminar @ Mosaic ’16: Webinar Edition
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
1–2:30 p.m. (Eastern)
Register online

New Videos Added to PsycTHERAPY

In April, we added 36 new videos to PsycTHERAPY®, our database of streaming psychotherapy videos. This collection allows users to observe psychotherapy techniques as they are put into practice by master practitioners. It now includes 431 videos, in which 245 different presenting issues are discussed.

Still from a PsycTHERAPY video: Dr. Candice M. Monson leads a couples therapy session.

Dr. Candice M. Monson leads a couples therapy session.

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APA Sunrise Seminar at Mosaic ’16

http://apa-sunrise.eventbrite.com/?aff=bDo you need to brush up your search skills in the behavioral aspect of health and medicine? Do you find yourself answering an increasing number of questions about APA Style®? Come to the American Psychological Association’s Sunrise Seminar at Mosaic ’16 (the joint meeting of the Medical Library Association, the Canadian Health Libraries Association, and the International Clinical Librarian Conference) and leave with some new tricks to keep up your sleeve!

American Psychological Association Sunrise Seminar
Monday, May 16, 2016
7:00 – 8:45 a.m.
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Room 202D

Breakfast will be provided – please RSVP so there’s enough to go around.

Live searches on APA databases will review our December 2015 update to the PsycINFO® Thesaurus, and look at some new publications that can support clinical research and practice. Search demos and additional updates will focus on topics relevant to clinical practice, patient education, and health sciences research.

This presentation will also include a sneak peek at APA Style® CENTRAL, a new online resource to learn, research, write and publish in APA Style. You’ll get a look at the learning objects created by our Style Experts, as well as its robust online editor, which has been designed to help students, and others, apply the rules of APA Style while they write. And of course, we’ll also see how APA Style CENTRAL supports users in creating properly formatted APA Style references!

We hope to see you there! If you won’t be at Mosaic ’16, we’ll be reprising this session as a webinar the week after the conference. Visit our webinars schedule to learn more.

PsycINFO Expert Tip: Finding the Tests in PsycINFO

Have you ever needed to find a psychological test? It can be a surprisingly difficult task! Many of the tests you may know by name, such as the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, are commercial tests. This means those who are interested in using them must pay a fee, and may also need to meet other criteria. If you’re a student who needs a test to review for a class, or if you’re researching how to create an effective psychological measure, you’ll need to find non-commercial tests.

You can, of course, find these types of tests in PsycTESTS®, our database of psychological tests and measures. This database contains information about, and excerpts from, more than 34,000 tests in the behavioral sciences. But what if you don’t have access to PsycTESTS?

Try PsycINFO®! You probably know PsycINFO as a database of journal articles from publishers around the world. PsycINFO doesn’t contain any full-text, but each article included is represented by a record, which has been extensively tagged by APA’s indexers. This information allows you to assess how useful the article may be before you try to find the full text. Continue reading

Have You Looked at a PsycINFO Topic Guide Recently?

Sample searches from the Management Topic Guide.

Sample searches from the Management Topic Guide.

Librarians know that PsycINFO® is a wealth of information not just for psychology, but for many other topics as well. After all, our behavior impacts everything we do, so there is an aspect of behavioral science to nearly every discipline.

Students, however, are often unaware of this and think of PsycINFO, and other APA databases, as only covering topics in psychology.

Topic Guides are an instructional aid designed to help make the case as to why a student in a health sciences, education, or management class should consider searching PsycINFO.

At this time, 20 different interdisciplinary Topic Guides are available on our website. Each contains three sample search scenarios, and a list of selected Index Terms. This helps students get a sense of the way in which behavioral scientists engage with these disciplines, and the language to use to find that information in PsycINFO. Continue reading