PsycINFO® Expert Tip: Author, Journal, and Test Lookup

On APA PsycNET®’s Advanced Search page, there are three Search Tools that can help you choose the name of an author, a journal, or a test to add to your search. Author Lookup can search for records in all APA Databases, while Journal Lookup works with PsycINFO® and PsycARTICLES®, and Test Lookup (added in 2017) works with  PsycTESTS®.

To use the Lookup tool, you can browse the full list of names from A-Z.

You can navigate the A-Z list using the Previous and Next links.


Or you can search for the first part of the name.

Once you’ve found the name or names you are looking for, select the checkbox and click Add to Search.


Your chosen author, journal, and/or test will be added to the Advanced Search boxes, with the correct field assigned. From here, you can add additional terms or filters and run your search.

Marta Soto