New Features added to PsycTESTS

PsycTESTS is APA’s research database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments as well as descriptive information about each test and its development and administration. In May 2019, APA released a major update known as a database reload for PsycTESTS.

What’s a Reload?

PsycTESTS is updated once every month, as new records are added and descriptive information is corrected, if needed.
A reload is a longer process of planning and testing that makes bigger changes to PsycTESTS, such as adding new searchable and descriptive fields, and restructuring how records display. Database reloads have long been an integral part of APA’s efforts to provide researchers and users in the behavioral sciences and related disciplines with improved usability and new tools and to retrieve content and conduct their research.

What’s new with this Reload?

The reload improved usability for PsycTESTS. Previously, each test in PsycTESTS was represented by a combination of Master Test Records and Child Test Records.   Now, each test is represented by a single Test Record.
In addition to this structure change, some new fields were added to PsycTESTS.  

This new field indicates the different factors and/or subscales of an instrument, enhancing search efficiency.

Test Methodology
Have you ever wanted to search using the psychometric analyses or methodologies a test uses? The new methodology field allows you to search for tests with specific psychometric analyses or methodologies. You can also filter tests using this field, so you can view only those tests which have the psychometric analyses or methodologies you need.

Test Type
Ever wonder how a record relates to other records in the database? This field indicates whether a Test Record describes an original, revision, translation, or subtest in relation to records listed in the Other Versions field.

When will I see these changes?

On May 30, the new version of PsycTESTS was released to all platforms that host this database. If you use APA PsycNET, you’ll already see these changes to PsycTESTS.

If you use EBSCOhost, Ovid, or ProQuest, keep an eye on our Vendor Reload Status page or ask your vendor to find out when these changes will go live on your institution’s version of PsycTESTS.  

How can I learn more?

New features are often generated from suggestions that we receive directly from our customers, so tell us what you think of the new PsycTESTS at

Interested in a trial of PsycTESTS? Let us know at

Marta Soto