APA PsycTherapy New Platform features

APA PsycTherapy® is APA’s streaming collection of candid, unscripted videos of psychotherapy sessions. Currently, APA PsycTherapy has over 500 videos, with hours of new content each year.

On August 13, APA PsycTherapy migrated to a new platform hosted by Cadmore.

 Enhancements to APA PsycTherapy include:

  • Redesigned look & feel for smoother search and navigation
  • Easy-to-browse therapist biographies, topic definitions, and therapeutic approach definitions
  • Video, transcript, and descriptive record all in a single screen view
  • Name of therapist, topic, and approach linked in record to run a search
  • Video segments available for viewing or saving
  • Simpler Add to List tool
  • New Favorite option

For more information on this new platform for APA PsycTherapy, please see our press release or check out our quick overview.

Marta Soto