New Titles Now Available in APA PsycBooks

New additions to APA PsycBooks provide insight into the counseling process. 


One title presents principles and methods for working with emotion in psychotherapy to address the core maladaptive processes that cause anxiety, depression, and other common mental health disorders. The other examines how psychotherapists can be appropriately responsive to clients’ unique needs across a variety of therapeutic approaches.

Recently Released Ebooks

Changing Emotion with Emotion: A Practitioner’s Guide

Author: Leslie S. Greenberg

Associated Courses: Counseling Process, Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy

Mental health providers confront emotional suffering every day, yet working with emotion is rarely explicitly taught in most clinical graduate programs.

Methods described in this book can help clients with all types of disorders to “arrive at”, or fully experience their painful maladaptive emotions, and then “leave” these emotions by accessing new, adaptive emotions. These methods include helping clients sit with painful feelings, access bodily felt experience, identify unmet needs, and articulate the meaning of an emotion.

The Responsive Psychotherapist: Attuning to Clients in the Moment

Edited by: Jeanne C. Watson and Hadas Wiseman

Associated Courses: Counseling Process, Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy

Saying or doing the right thing at the right time is critical in psychotherapy.

Chapters first explore important broad concepts and strategies, including therapists attuning to their clients’ needs, examining the importance of the therapeutic relationship, the role clinicians play as attachment figures for their clients, and repairing ruptures in the working alliance.

The book then explores specific types of therapy in detail, including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, control mastery theory, narrative therapy, relationship-focused therapy for LGBTQ individuals and their nonaccepting caregivers, and integrative therapies.

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