APA Style CENTRAL – Using Check Services

Today we’d like to highlight one of our APA Style CENTRAL® handouts, Using APA Style CENTRAL Check Services” (PDF, 832KB). Please feel free to link to this handout where students, faculty, and researchers will find it!

Once you have completed a paper in the Writing Center, you can use the Check Services to make sure your work is formatted according to the guidelines of APA Style®. Check services will flag potential problems with style and formatting, but it is up to the user to review and make the appropriate edits.


The Check Services in APA Style CENTRAL’s Writing Center are:

  • Check Headings Orderlooks for subheadings that may be formatted at the incorrect level
  • Check Orphan Headingslooks for headings that mistakenly have only one subheading
  • Check References – flags references in the Paper Reference List that miss required elements
  • Match Reference Citations – ensures every reference in the Paper Reference List is also a cited reference in the body of the paper
  • Match Table Callouts – ensures every table in the Table List is also called out in the body of the paper
  • Match Figure Callouts – ensures every figure in the Figure List is also called out in the body of the paper

 Want to learn more? You’ll find this handout on our APA Style CENTRAL Handouts and Guides page, where we will continue to add handouts and documentation for users and administrators as they become available.

Do you have a “how-to” question about APA Style CENTRAL or some aspect of it you’d like to know more about? Please let us know!

Marta Soto