COUNTER 5 Statistics Available for APA PsycNet

APA PsycNet librarians and administrators can now access COUNTER 5 compliant usage statistics beginning with data for February 2019. You can view and download these COUNTER 5 reports on our new COUNTER 5 usage statistics portal.

What’s changed for COUNTER 5?

APA now provides usage data for the APA PsycNet platform according to COUNTER 5’s defined reports. This new reporting framework provides a variety of metrics measuring usage at the platform, database, and title or item level (item level includes video title). The metrics include full-text usage, searches, investigations, and requests.

For more information about report types and metrics, please see COUNTER’s Friendly Guide to Release 5 for Librarians.

In addition to the COUNTER 5 defined reports, APA still provides the DD1 report to show downloads for APA PsycExtra and APA PsycTests, and video views for APA PsycTherapy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Existing SUSHI credentials issued for COUNTER 4 will not work with COUNTER 5; you must re-register for SUSHI login credentials.

How do I get to the new usage portal?

There are two ways an institution’s admin can access the APA PsycNet usage portal:

Your APA PsycNet admin login username and password did not change with the COUNTER 5 release.

If you have trouble reaching the usage statistics portal and think you should have access, please email us at APA

How can I set up SUSHI?

Follow the instructions provided on the SUSHI APA PsycNet Admin Center Help page to generate your SUSHI credentials through the APA PsycNET usage portal.

Once you’ve received your login credentials, point your SUSHI client or access software to the following service URL:

Can I still get COUNTER 4 usage stats?

You can access COUNTER 4 reports alongside COUNTER 5 reports in the new usage statistics portal, using the Report Sidebar. 

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