Webinar Alert: APA PsycInfo Fall Webinars for Students & Faculty

Interested in strengthening your APA database searching skills? Join us for the next round of APA PsycInfo webinars designed for students, faculty, and anyone else who wants to learn more about how to search APA PsycInfo more effectively!

The 30-minute APA PsycInfo – Basic Search session includes live search demos and provides search tips and strategies to help you locate more relevant results in less time.

The 30-minute APA PsycInfo – Advanced Search session explores a few of the added-value fields in APA PsycInfo and using them to uncover much more than journal articles. Search demos will demonstrate how to identify what research is happening at which institutions; finding new journals in which to publish your work; information about tests used in related research; and potential funding opportunities for your project.

Search tips and strategies covered in both sessions are relevant to all search platforms — APA PsycNet®, EBSCOhost, Ovid, and ProQuest.

The sessions may be attended separately, but we encourage you to take both if you are interested!

You can register with GoTo Webinar for one of the following times:

These webinars are an ideal way for new users to become acquainted with PsycInfo or experienced users to get a refresher on APA PsycInfo if they have had a previous training session. Please help us spread the word to interested students and faculty!

Can’t attend a scheduled session?

Webinar Alert: APA PsycInfo Fall Sessions for Librarians

Our Beyond Subject Searching webinar is designed for librarians and other expert users of APA PsycInfo. If you’re looking to expand your search skills, or just need an APA Databases refresher, we hope you’ll join us!

This 45-minute session includes a behind the scenes look at the APA PsycInfo record structure and a live search demo that shows how use APA Databases for more than just locating articles.

Search examples include:

  • seeing the types of research being done at a particular institution
  • identifying journals in which to publish new work
  • finding grants and sponsorships
  • locating tests and measures

You can register with GoTo Webinar for one of the following times:

  • Friday, September 17, 2:30 pm (Eastern Time)
  • Friday, November 19, 2:00 pm (Eastern Time)

Can’t join us at the times listed? View a recording on our YouTube channel whenever it’s convenient for you.

Additional Training Resources

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Kudos “Author’s Perspective” for APA PsycArticles® on APA PsycNet®

You may have noticed a section labeled “Author’s Perspective” appearing in an APA PsycArticles record on APA PsycNet. Authors of APA journal articles are encouraged to join Kudos to contribute their own plain-language explanation of the purpose and impact of their study. This first-hand summary appears on APA PsycNet along with the abstract and other publication details, allowing you to further evaluate the article’s relevance in the context of your own research.

What is Kudos?

The Kudos research communication platform allows an author to gather their publications in a single place, regardless of publisher. It’s designed to help researchers maximize the readership, citation, and application of their published work, and quantify its impact.

When an author of an APA journal article shares their own description of their paper’s significance in their Kudos profile, you’ll see an abbreviated version in the database record on APA PsycNet (view a sample APA PsycArticles record with Author’s Perspective summary). You’ll also see an external link to the author’s full statement on the Kudos site.

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Getting Started with APA PsycTests: Search Smarter, Not Harder!

APA PsycTests An unparalleled resource for psychological tests and measures

The final piece in our Getting Started with APA PsycTests series to help users become familiar with APA PsycTests®, this post provides tips for searching more precisely and finding test-related research. Check out the first two posts for more information: What is APA PsycTests, and How Can It Help Me? and FAQ’s – Using a Test You’ve Found.

Maybe this sounds familiar: You need to find a test for your research project, but last time it took longer than you thought it would to find something useful. You want to learn how to search more effectively so you can find what you need faster. This post will show you how! It covers:

  • Why and how to search APA PsycTests by itself;
  • Exploring fields and limiters for more precise search results; and
  • Using the source citation information in the database record to find related research about how the test has been used before
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