Tutorial Thursday: Using the APA Thesaurus to Find Relevant Articles on a Topic

It’s Tutorial Thursday! In this series, we explore APA’s library of video tutorials available on the APA Publishing Training YouTube channel. Please feel free to link to or embed our videos in your library websites or LibGuides, course management systems, or other locations where students, faculty, and researchers will find them.

A new tutorial Using the APA Thesaurus to Find Relevant Articles on a Topic  is available.

The first short video show what index terms are, why are they valuable, and what to do if there isn’t an index term. 

The second short video demonstrates how to use Index Terms in an APA PsycInfo search to find relevant articles on a topic.

By the end of this two-part tutorial you will be able to:

  • Explain the value of using Index Terms to find relevant search results
  • Locate Index Terms using the APA Thesaurus and use them to conduct a search in APA PsycInfo
  • Revise a search in APA PsycInfo to include additional Index Terms
  • Describe how to search in APA PsycInfo when there is no Index Term for a particular search concept

Marta Soto

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