New in PsycBOOKS: August 2015

In August 2015, APA added 6 new APA books and 13 landmark titles in psychology to PsycBOOKS. Past monthly update lists are available online. You can also view a list of sample titles or a full coverage list.

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APA Books

  1. APA handbook of psychology and juvenile justice, © 2016 by Heilbrun, Kirk (Ed.) ISBN: 1-4338-1967-8
  2. Behavioral interventions in cognitive behavior therapy: Practical guidance for putting theory into (2nd ed.), © 2016 by Farmer, Richard F.; Chapman, Alexander L. ISBN: 1-4338-2035-8
  3. Clinical decision making in mental health practice, © 2016 by Magnavita, Jeffrey ISBN: 1-4338-2029-3
  4. Empirically based play interventions for children (2nd ed.), © 2016 by Reddy, Linda (Ed); Files-Hall, Tara (Ed.); Schaefer, Charles (Ed.) ISBN: 1-4338-2039-0
  5. Forgiveness and spirituality in psychotherapy: A relational approach, © 2016by Worthington, Jr., Everett L.; Sandage, Steven ISBN: 1-4338-2031-5
  6. The psychologically healthy workplace: Building a win-win environment for organizations and employees, © 2016 by Grawitch, Matthew (Ed.) ISBN: 1-4338-2052-8

Classic Books

  1. A Changing psychology in social case work, © 1930 by A. Robinson, Virginia P.
  2. Clinical judgment: A study of clinical error, © 1961 by Thorne, Frederick C.
  3. Creative personality: A study in philosophical reconciliation, © 1926 by Flewelling, Ralph Tyler
  4. The effect of mothers’ diets on the intelligence of offspring: A study of the influence of vitamin supplementation of the diets of pregnant and lactating women on the intelligence of their children, © 1955 by Harrell, Ruth F.; Woodyard, Ella; Gates, Arthur I.
  5. Interpersonal perception of teachers, students, and parents: An action-research project for the in-service training of teachers, © 1951 by Jenkins, David H.; Lippitt, Ronald
  6. Mental hygiene and social work, © 1929 by Lee, Porter R.; Kenworthy, Marion E.
  7. Mind as behavior and studies in empirical idealism, © 1924 by Singer Jr., Edgar Arthur
  8. The new humanism, © 1930 by Samson, Leon
  9. The new leaven: Progressive education and its effect upon the child and society, © 1928 by Cobb, Stanwood
  10. Our changing human nature, © 1929 by Schmalhausen, Samuel D.
  11. Personality and psychology: An analysis for practical use, © 1924 by Buckham, John Wright
  12. Principles of teaching and learning in the elementary school: An interpretation of modern school procedures in the light of our present knowledge of the laws of learning, © 1929 by Mossman, Lois Coffey
  13. Psychosis and civilization: Two studies in the frequency of mental disease, © 1949 by Goldhamer, Herbert; Marshall, Andrew W.

Anne Breitenbach

Anne was an APA Publications and Databases Training Specialist up until her retirement in December 2015. She was also an APA Style manager in the Journals Department and was one of the APA Style blog contributors.