New in PsycBOOKS: October 2015

In October 2015, APA added 4 new APA books and 15 landmark titles in psychology to PsycBOOKS. Past monthly update lists are available online. You can also view a list of sample titles or a full coverage list.

Bibliographic records are available through your PsycBOOKS vendor. You may also download RDA records directly from APA by following the instructions in the APA PsycNET Administrator Help Menu.

APA Books

  1. Caribbean psychology: Indigenous contributions to a global discipline, © 2016 by Roopnarine, J.; Chadee, D. ISBN: 10.1037/14753-000
  2. College teaching: Practical insights from the science of teaching and learning, © 2016 by Forsyth, D. ISBN: 10.1037/14777-000
  3. Play therapy in middle childhood, © 2016 by Drewes, A. ISBN: 10.1037/14776-000
  4. The myth of racial color blindness: Manifestations, dynamics, and Impact, © 2016 by Neville, H.; Gallardo, M. ISBN: 10.1037/14754-000

Classic Books

  1. Adding a new dimension to education, © 1928 by Williams, Cora L.
  2. The applied psychology of reading: With exercises and directions for improving silent and oral reading, © 1926 by Brooks, Fowler D.
  3. The glands regulating personality: A study of the glands of internal secretion in relation to the types of human nature (2nd ed. revised) , © 1928 by Berman, Louis
  4. How to teach, © 1917 by Strayer, George Drayton; Norsworthy, Naomi
  5. Measuring results in education, © 1924 by Trabue, Marion Rex
  6. The new state: Group organization the solution of popular government (4th impression), © 1923 by Follett, M. P.
  7. Our rural heritage: The social psychology of rural development, © 1925 by Williams, James Mickel
  8. Personality in its teens, © 1931 by Boorman, W. Ryland
  9. The psychology of elementary education, © 1925 by Edwards, A. S.
  10. The psychology of elementary school subjects, © 1929 by Garrison, S. C.; Garrison, K. C.
  11. Psychology of elementary school subjects, © 1927 by Reed, Homer B.
  12. The psychology of mental disorders, © 1927 by Myerson, Abraham
  13. Psychology of the kindergarten-primary child, © 1927 by Pechstein, L. A.; Jenkins, Frances
  14. Social psychology interpreted, © 1927 by Sprowls, Jesse William
  15. The unstable child: An interpretation of psychopathy as a source of unbalanced behavior in abnormal and troublesome children, © 1924 by Mateer, Florence

Anne Breitenbach

Anne was an APA Publications and Databases Training Specialist up until her retirement in December 2015. She was also an APA Style manager in the Journals Department and was one of the APA Style blog contributors.