New in PsycBOOKS: December 2015

In December 2015, APA added 4 new APA books and 17 landmark titles in psychology to PsycBOOKS. Past monthly update lists are available online. You can also view a list of sample titles or a full coverage list.

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APA Books

  • Executive function in preschool-age children: Executive function in preschool age children, © 2016 by McCardle, Peggy (Ed.). IBSN: 10.1037/14797-000
  • Humanistic psychotherapies (2nd ed.): Handbook of research and practice (2nd ed.), © 2016 by Cain, David; Rubin, Shawn; Keenan, Kevin (Eds.). IBSN: 10.1037/14775-000
  • The psychology of democracy, © 2016 by Moghaddam, Fathali M. IBSN: 10.1037/14858-000
  • Supervision essentials for the integrative developmental model, © 2016 by McNeill, Brian. IBSN: 10.1037/14806-000

Classic Books

  • Art and play therapy, © 1954 by Gondor, Emery I.
  • Big problems on little shoulders, © 1935 by Renz, Carl; Renz, Mildred Paul
  • Children’s behavior problems: A statistical study based upon 5000 children examined consecutively at the Illinois Institute for Juvenile Research, Vol. I: Incidence, genetic and intellectual factors, © 1931 by Ackerson, Luton
  • Echo personalities: A short study of the contributions of abnormal psychology towards the solution of some of the problems of normal education, © 1918 by Watts, Frank
  • Factor analysis of reasoning tests, © 1952 by Adkins, Dorothy C.; Lyerly, Samuel B.
  • Fundamentals of educational psychology, © 1938 by Douglas, O. B.; Holland, B. F.
  • Legal reasoning: The evolutionary process of law, © 1960 by Zelermyer, William
  • Musical learning: A guide to child growth, © 1949 by Flagg, Marion
  • The nature of conduct, © 1928 by Symonds, Percival M.
  • Personality and the frontal lobes: An investigation of the psychological effects of different types of leucotomy, © 1952 by Petrie, Asenath
  • Selfhood and civilization: A study of the self-other process, © 1941 by Kilpatrick, William Heard
  • The social role of the man of knowledge, © 1940 by Znaniecki, Florian
  • The therapy of the neuroses and psychoses: A socio-psycho-biologic analysis and resynthesis, © 1941 by Kraines, Samuel Henry
  • This new education, © 1931 by Horne, Herman Harrell
  • Why we don’t like people (2nd ed., revised and enlarged), © 1933 by Laird, Donald A.
  • Your child today and tomorrow: Some practical counsel for parents (4th rev. ed.), © 1934 by Gruenberg, Sidonie Matsner
  • Your personality – introvert or extravert?, © 1941 by Case, Virginia

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