2021 E-Collections New Releases

The following new releases encompass contemporary social and cultural issues involving race, sexuality, gender diversity, and addressing mental health issues when treating patients who rely on opioid medications. Areas of study and associated courses include:

  • Multicultural Education, Equity, and Social Justice
  • Integrative Approaches to Chronic Pain Management
  • Diversity in Educational Settings
  • Social Justice and Diversity in Professional Practice

These e-books offer research and insights on the role instructors play in addressing diversity, intersectionality, and social justice issues inside and outside the classroom; creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for LGBTQ students; and applying an integrated, whole-body approach to caring for patients struggling with chronic pain.

Newly Released Titles

Below, we will indicate which E-Collections each title is included in.

Navigating Difficult Moments in Teaching Diversity and Social Justice

Edited by: Mary E. Kite, Kim A. Case, and Wendy R. Williams

Associated Courses: Introduction to Diversity for Educators, Affirming Diversity in Education

E-Collection: Full, Academic

This book examines common issues educators face when teaching social justice and diversity-related courses, offers best practices for addressing them and helps educators tackle common and challenging dilemmas that arise in today’s classroom—such as diversity, privilege, and intersectionality.

Contributors discuss the many roles instructors play inside and outside of college and university classrooms, for example, in handling personal threats, responsibly incorporating current events into classroom discussion, navigating their own stigmatized or privileged identities, dealing with bias in teaching evaluations, and engaging in self-care.

Supporting Gender and Sexual Diversity in K-12 Schools

Edited by: Megan C. Lytle and Richard A. Sprott

Associated Courses: Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood Education, Diversity Issues in Early Care and Education

E-Collection: Full, Academic

This book reviews timely, pragmatic interventions and strategies to support LGBTQ students in K-12 schools. Where formal programs affirming the diversity of gender expression and sexual orientation are not yet in place, contributors provide insights and practical tips for creating a positive, safe school environment.

In this book, school counselors and psychologists, administrators, teachers, and other community stakeholders will find steps they can take to translate and implement the ever-growing body of scientific theory and research on equitable education of gender minority and sexual minority children, youth, and families.

Chronic Pain and Opioid Management: Strategies for Integrated Treatment

By: Jennifer L. Murphy and Samantha Rafie

Associated Courses: Management of Chronic Pain: A Core Curriculum for Primary Care Providers and Basics of Chronic Pain Management

E-Collection: Full, Clinical

This book presents an integrated approach for concurrently treating chronic pain and opioid use. Many patients who suffer from chronic pain are also managing opioid medications. Because this population often requires a higher level of care, it is critical for providers to address pain and opioid management together.

The behavioral treatment strategies in this book can help providers assist patients who are struggling with chronic pain and have relied on opioids at one point including individuals that are considering de-prescribing, are in the process of opioid tapering, have recently discontinued from opioids, or are currently using opioids effectively for pain.

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