2021 E-Collections New Releases

The following new releases encompass contemporary social and cultural issues involving race, sexuality, gender diversity, and addressing mental health issues when treating patients who rely on opioid medications. Areas of study and associated courses include:

  • Multicultural Education, Equity, and Social Justice
  • Integrative Approaches to Chronic Pain Management
  • Diversity in Educational Settings
  • Social Justice and Diversity in Professional Practice
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APA PsycBooks New Title Release

Three new titles and two companion series of e-books are now available through your institution’s library as part of your APA PsycBooks subscription.

Recent additions cover topics including group psychology and insights into the behaviors of different types of groups in different types of situations; sexual evolution and theories referencing the work of Charles Darwin;  and guidance for administrators and faculty for measuring, improving, and assessing student performance goals.

Two book series covering supervision topics and theoretical underpinnings of various therapeutic approaches were also recently added to APA PsycBooks.

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2020 APA Books E-Collection Final Title Release

The remaining 2020 E-Collection titles are diverse in subject matter and include topics about the management of research data, how the brain processes humor, best practices for the clinical treatment of PTSD, and early childhood education intervention.

These new e-books will enable your users to develop research design and methods, learn best practices for working with individuals affected by PTSD, and assess patients for substance use referral and treatment.

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APA PsycBooks Newly Released Titles

The July and August releases cover subjects related to research and therapies for diversity and social justice issues, patients living with chronic disease, early childhood education intervention, cognitive neuroscience, and clinical guidelines for the treatment of PTSD.

The new releases featured below include books aimed to help students, faculty, and researchers in their studies related to PTSD, trauma, trauma recovery, and alternative treatments of PTSD. Please share this list along with any complimentary titles or resources available through your library.

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A Curated Collection of Student Resources within APA PsycBooks

Help your psychology and behavioral health students find focused content for research, course work, and post-graduation career development with this unique collection of DRM-free books available in APA PsycBooks.

This hand-selected title list includes well-rounded subject matter for undergraduate and graduate-level students with books relating to ethics, research methods and reporting, and guidance on presenting research while adhering to APA Style standards.

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