APA PsycInfo remains at the forefront of research: 5 million records later

APA PsycInfo now has more than 5 million records available to support behavioral and social science research. This milestone achievement highlights APA’s continued role as the leading publisher of critical psychological research at a time when psychology is increasingly in the forefront of important societal issues.

The 5 millionth record, “The Mental Health Implications of COVID-19 for Adolescents: Follow-Up of a Four-Wave Longitudinal Study During the Pandemic (De France et al., 2021)” published in American Psychologist,  looked at adolescents who had previously participated in a mental health study in Canada and found higher levels of anxiety and depression than would have been predicted in previous trajectories and variance by gender in the symptoms associated with financial impacts, lifestyle impacts and fear of coronavirus

The records added thus far in 2021 span the breadth of research fields within psychology and add to our collective understanding of some of the most pressing issues of our time. Among the top themes emerging from this year’s research are:

  • the mental health impacts of the pandemic,
  • social media and self-esteem,
  • race and social justice,
  • and more.

Since 1967, APA PsycInfo has fostered the exchange of peer-reviewed psychological research. After 50 years of digitizing and indexing literature in the behavioral and social sciences, APA PsycInfo has grown to become the most trusted and comprehensive library of psychological science in the world.

Does your institution have access to APA PscyInfo’s 5 million+ peer-reviewed records?

Nichole Ridgeway