New Special Issues Recently Added to APA PsycArticles

APA PsycArticles has been updated with summer’s new special issues featuring some of today’s most important topics, including the rise of gun violence in the US, the psychology of religion as it pertains to LGBTQ+, and an in-depth look at the intersection of race and child-father attachment. 

We will continue to keep you informed of special issues, newly-added research, and other relevant updates. Please keep your users up to date with the latest journal content available within your APA PsycArticles collection. 

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Support research discovery with customized updates from APA PsycInfo

Student or researcher working on a laptop, reading textbooks, and listening to headphones.

Does your institution subscribe to
APA PsycInfo?

Please invite your researchers to a personalized service exclusively available to institutional subscribers of APA PsycInfo. This bespoke discovery service leverages AI-technology to help users locate scientific literature, including content outside of APA PsycInfo including preprints, dissertations, and conference information. As users engage with the content, the service will adapt to their preferences to ensure they remain up-to-date on their specific research interests.

We are happy to introduce this new premium benefit to complement your institution’s subscription to APA PsycInfo. Share the link below to encourage your users to register to enhance their access to authoritative and reliable results.

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APA PsycInfo Resources: New Personalized Service for Researchers and More

New Premium Service for Researchers

You continue to support researcher success by maintaining your institution’s access to APA PsycInfo®. We’ve introduced an exclusive new service to help researchers discover the latest scientific literature, including content outside of APA PsycInfo such as preprints, dissertations, and conference information related to the topics of their choice. As users engage with the content, the service will adapt to their preferences, resulting in a bespoke experience tailored to their specific research interests. With this new service, we are pleased to continue to APA PsycInfo’s legacy of delivering trusted and reliable results.

Resources to Support Your Institution’s Psychology Program

Whether your institution is offering courses online, in-person, or a hybrid environment, we want to continue to support your institution’s psychology program.  To aid the discovery of critical research, we have curated a collection of resources to support your subscription to APA PsycInfo. Please share these assets with your community to enhance your users’ proficiency of searching this powerful database.

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Teaching Resources to Support APA PsycTherapy

The revised APA PsycTherapy® Teaching Guide was developed to provide insight into the content and features of the recently relaunched APA PsycTherapy. Faculty can harvest ideas on how to teach and train students on over 100 therapeutic approaches covering over 200 topics including addiction recovery, grief, life satisfaction, and more.

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