A New Year, New Titles Now Available in APA PsycBooks!

Happy New Year! To start 2022 off right, be sure to review new books now available in APA PsycBooks®. Topics include consumer psychology, ethical consulting for clients, and prediction tools in psychological assessment. 

Recently Released Ebooks 

APA Handbook of Consumer Psychology 

By Lynn R. KahleTina M. Lowrey, and Joel Huber 

Associated Courses: Consumer Behavior, Consumer Psychology 

The APA Handbook of Consumer Psychology presents a comprehensive survey of the field, including its historical background and critical sources of information in both core and emerging literature.  

This book explores broad coverage areas including perspectives on consumer psychology, consumer characteristics and contexts, use of psychology to communicate with consumers, consumer cognitions and affect, and use of psychology to carry out business functions. The handbook provides a starting point for an examination of consumer psychology and ways to move the knowledge forward. 

The Ethical Lives of Clients: Transcending Self-Interest in Psychotherapy 

By William J. Doherty 

Associated Courses: Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy, Contemporary Ethical Theory 

Clients often seek therapists’ input for dealing with ethical dilemmas in their lives, but there is little guidance for therapists in how to do this. This book shows therapists how to serve as ethical consultants who help clients balance their personal needs with their sense of responsibility to others. 

Using detailed case examples, it provides a roadmap for addressing common client dilemmas, such as keeping and ending commitments, having affairs, lying and deceiving, and causing psychological or physical harm to others.  

Prediction Statistics for Psychological Assessment 

By R. Karl Hanson 

Associated Courses: Statistics in Psychology, Statistics for Social Sciences 

This comprehensive guide meets psychologists’ and other social scientists’ growing need to master the tools of statistical prediction. This is the first book to teach the nuts and bolts of prediction statistics, while illustrating the utility of prediction and prediction tools in applied psychological practice. 

Written in a clear and accessible manner, this user-friendly book helps readers understand how to evaluate and interpret different kinds of prediction tools, appreciate the numeric information used in risk communication, and utilize prediction tools to inform evidence-based decision-making. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy 

By Mark Russell and Francine Shapiro  

Associated Courses: Psychology of Adulthood, Cognitive Psychology 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is a unique, empirically validated approach that is recommended by the World Health Organization as a “first line treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder in adults.”  

In this book, the authors describe the theory of EMDR, provide the complete EMDR therapeutic protocol, the evidence base that supports it, and examine practical issues and common challenges related to implementing EMDR in clinical practice. 

Gesture in Language: Development Across the Lifespan 

By: Aliyah Morgenstern and Susan Goldin-Meadow 

Associated Courses: Psychology of Language Development, Cognitive Development 

This book investigates the rich and complex ways in which gesture precedes language development and is used in conjunction with language across the lifespan. It also explores gesture’s many functions across cultures and ages, in monolingual and multilingual populations, in students and in teachers. 

The chapters demonstrate how gestures contribute to the cognitive and social development of humans within their lifespan and may also indicate the efficacy of interactional practices and cognitive processes. This book is thought-provoking reading for all who study language development. 

Strengths-Based Prevention: Reducing Violence and Other Public Health Problems 

By Victoria Banyard and Sherry Hamby 

Associated Courses: Psychology of Aggression and Violence, Contemporary Social Problems 

Drawing from state-of-the-art research on a range of behavior problems such as violence, drug abuse, suicide, and risky sexual activity, this book provides practitioners and researchers with the means to make more impactful choices in the design and implementation of prevention programs. 

This book synthesizes research on behavior change from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, public health, sociology, criminology, resilience science, critical race theory, and even urban planning. It emphasizes the importance of building enough protective strengths to insulate people from risks. 

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