2021 E-Collections New Releases

The following new releases encompass contemporary social and cultural issues involving race, sexuality, gender diversity, and addressing mental health issues when treating patients who rely on opioid medications. Areas of study and associated courses include:

  • Multicultural Education, Equity, and Social Justice
  • Integrative Approaches to Chronic Pain Management
  • Diversity in Educational Settings
  • Social Justice and Diversity in Professional Practice
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Finding Tests in APA PsycTests: Using the APA PsycNet Platform

It’s Tutorial Thursday! In this series, we explore APA’s library of video tutorials available on the APA Publishing Training YouTube channel. Please feel free to link to or embed our videos in your library websites or LibGuides, course management systems, or other locations where students, faculty, and researchers will find them.

In this short video you’ll learn how to find psychological tests and measures from the APA PsycTests database using the APA PsycNet platform. We’ll also discuss getting permission to use a test and how to find more information about a specific test.

By the end of this video, you should be able to:

  • Find tests or measures on a specific topic using APA PsycTests
  • Limit results in APA PsycTests to find full-text tests or measures
  • Explain the situations in which you need permission to use a test or measure and how to find results in APA PsycTests where permission is granted

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APA PsycInfo Resources: New Personalized Service for Researchers and More

New Premium Service for Researchers

You continue to support researcher success by maintaining your institution’s access to APA PsycInfo®. We’ve introduced an exclusive new service to help researchers discover the latest scientific literature, including content outside of APA PsycInfo such as preprints, dissertations, and conference information related to the topics of their choice. As users engage with the content, the service will adapt to their preferences, resulting in a bespoke experience tailored to their specific research interests. With this new service, we are pleased to continue to APA PsycInfo’s legacy of delivering trusted and reliable results.

Resources to Support Your Institution’s Psychology Program

Whether your institution is offering courses online, in-person, or a hybrid environment, we want to continue to support your institution’s psychology program.  To aid the discovery of critical research, we have curated a collection of resources to support your subscription to APA PsycInfo. Please share these assets with your community to enhance your users’ proficiency of searching this powerful database.

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APA PsycBooks New Title Release

Three new titles and two companion series of e-books are now available through your institution’s library as part of your APA PsycBooks subscription.

Recent additions cover topics including group psychology and insights into the behaviors of different types of groups in different types of situations; sexual evolution and theories referencing the work of Charles Darwin;  and guidance for administrators and faculty for measuring, improving, and assessing student performance goals.

Two book series covering supervision topics and theoretical underpinnings of various therapeutic approaches were also recently added to APA PsycBooks.

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Meet the Editor-in-Chief of CP:SP, an upcoming addition to APA PsycArticles

We are excited to add Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice (CP:SP) to the collection of journals available through APA PsycArticles, starting January 2021.

Arthur M. Nezu, Distinguished University Professor of Psychology at Drexel University, and Editor-in-Chief of CP:SP seeks to provide readers with multiple perspectives of areas in clinical psychology.

Dr. Nezu joined us for an exclusive interview to detail his vision for the journal, explain what sets this publication apart from other journals in the field, and provide advice to students and early-career researchers.

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