APA Style CENTRAL – Create a User Account

Today we’d like to share an excerpt from one of our APA Style CENTRAL handouts, “Creating APA Style CENTRAL® Accounts” (PDF). Please feel free to link to this handout where students, faculty, and researchers will find it.

When using APA Style CENTRAL, you will need an account in order to write or collaborate on a paper, create a reference list, or use the research planning and tracking tools.

We all have more accounts than we know what to do with (or can remember!), but here’s the good news:  Any existing APA account can also be used as your APA Style CENTRAL account — including a MyAPA, APA membership, APA PsycNET®, or MyPsycNET account.

Not sure if you have an existing APA account to use for APA Style CENTRAL?  Do a quick check by visiting your institution’s APA Style CENTRAL home page. At the top right corner of the screen, select Welcome and Log In; then on the next screen, select the No account? link:

Screenshot of Log In prompts

Enter your email address into the Email field and click anywhere outside the textbox to run the system check. If it matches, you will see a login prompt; if not, you can try entering a different email address or complete the rest of the form to create a new account:

Want to learn more? You’ll find this handout on our APA Style CENTRAL® Handouts and Guides page, where we will continue to add handouts and documentation for users and administrators as they become available.

APA Style CENTRAL – Accessing the Publication Manual

APA Style CENTRAL® incorporates all of the references and content from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, currently in its sixth edition. When future editions of the Publication Manual are released, APA Style CENTRAL will also be updated with the new rules and features.

Within APA Style CENTRAL’s Learning Center, each of the quick guides, or short training videos, is linked to one or more sections from the Publication Manual that cover the same topic.

You can find the link to the Publication Manual in the Learn More feature for each quick guide.



The Publication Manual section with related content opens in a new window or tab (depending on your browser settings):




For more information, see our Handout about APA Style CENTRAL and the Publication Manual.

Webinar Alert: New APA Style CENTRAL Training Sessions on Teaching and Writing for November & December 2016


APA’s training specialists have developed two new training sessions on using APA Style CENTRAL® for teaching and writing. Each webinar includes a content overview and a live demonstration of features.

Teaching With APA Style CENTRAL covers the platform content, features, and tools that can be incorporated into course and bibliographic instruction. It’s a great way to tour the learning resources that are available. Faculty, librarians, and anyone responsible for teaching APA Style will benefit from this webinar.

Writing Papers in APA Style CENTRAL details the wide range of writing tools and functionality that make writing papers and managing their references easier. Students, end users, and those in instructional roles can all benefit from this webinar.

The November and December schedule appears below; click on any session below to register (Note: All times are UTC-5):

  • Teaching With APA Style CENTRAL (60 minutes):
  • Writing Papers in APA Style CENTRAL (30 minutes):

Interested but unable to join any of these sessions? More will be scheduled beginning in January 2017, and you’ll be glad to learn that we recently posted a recording of the Teaching with APA Style CENTRAL session on our YouTube channel.

You can also view or download the slides for any of our APA Style CENTRAL presentations on the APA Style CENTRAL SlideShare channel.

The schedule for all APA Style CENTRAL webinars is available on our website.

Presentation Available for APA Style CENTRAL Online Introduction

The APA Style CENTRAL® Online Introduction is a 1-hour webinar that introduces librarians to APA Style CENTRAL. The session includes a content overview and live demonstration of features, and is a great way tour the learning resources available, and get acquainted with the platform.

Screenshot of APA Style CENTRAL SlideShare homepage

If you’ve been interested in attending but haven’t been able to join a session, you’ll be glad to hear that we recently posted the presentation online. Please feel free to share this with any colleagues who may be interested, and to adapt it for your own training sessions.

You can view or download the presentation on the APA Style CENTRAL SlideShare channel.

The schedule for this, and other, APA Style CENTRAL webinars is available on our website.

Exhibits Update: International Writing Centers Association Conference


The International Writing Centers Association Conference will be held at the Denver Marriott City Center in Denver, CO, from October 13-16, 2016.

If representatives from your campus writing center are attending, please encourage them to visit the American Psychological Association table. Representatives from APA will be available to demonstrate APA Style CENTRAL®, our new resource for learning, teaching, and writing in APA Style®.