New in PsycBOOKS: April, May & June

In April, May and June 2015, APA added 10 new APA books and 51 landmark titles in psychology to PsycBOOKS. Past monthly update lists are available online. You can also view a list of sample titles or a full coverage list.

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APA Books

  1. ADHD coaching: A guide for mental health professionals, © 2015 by Prevatt, Frances. ISBN: 1-4338-2014-5
  2. APA handbook of human systems integration, © 2015 by Boehm-Davis, Deborah A.; Durso, Francis T. Durso (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-1828-0
  3. A concise guide to personality disorders, © 2015 by Paris, Joel. ISBN: 1-4338-1981-3
  4. Emotion-focused therapy: Coaching clients to work through their feelings (2nd ed.), © 2015 by Greenberg, Leslie S. ISBN: 1-4338-1995-3
  5. Ethical dilemmas in psychotherapy: Positive approaches to decision making, © 2015 by Knapp, Samuel; Handelsman, Mitchell; Gottlieb, Michael. ISBN: 1-4338-2013-7
  6. Pediatric sleep problems: A clinician’s guide to behavioral interventions, © 2015 by Meltzer, Lisa J.; Crabtree, Valerie McLaughlin. ISBN: 1-4338-1983-X
  7. Person-centered care for mental illness: The evolution of adherence and self-determination, © 2015 by Corrigan, Patrick (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-1977-5
  8. Psychological testing of Hispanics (2nd ed.): Clinical and intellectual assessment, © 2015 by Geisinger, Kurt (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-1991-0
  9. Self-regulated learning interventions with at-risk youth: Enhancing adaptability, performance, and well-being, © 2015 by Cleary, Timothy (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-1987-2
  10. Your practicum in psychology: A guide for maximizing knowledge and competence (2nd ed.), © 2015 by Matthews, Janet (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-2001-3

Classic Books

  1. The activity concept: An interpretation, © 1940 by Mossman, Lois Coffey
  2. The adolescent girl: A book for parents and teachers, © 1935 by Richmond, Winifred
  3. The challenge of childhood: Studies in personality and behavior, © 1925 by Wile, Ira S.
  4. Child guidance cases, © 1932 by Sayles, Mary B. (Ed.)
  5. The child’s mind and the common branches, © 1924 by La Rue, Daniel Wolford
  6. Comparative study of symbols: An introduction, © 1952 by Lasswell, Harold D.; Lerner, Daniel; Pool, Ithiel de Sola
  7. Conflicting psychologies of learning, © 1929 by Bode, Boyd Henry
  8. The desegregation of Southern schools: A psychiatric study, © 1963 by Coles, Robert
  9. Education of gifted children, © 1924 by Stedman, Lulu M.
  10. Educational psychology, © 1930 by Monroe, Walter S.; DeVoss, James C.; Reagan, George W.
  11. Educational psychology, © 1935 by Eurich, Alvin C.; Carroll, Herbert A.D. C.
  12. Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds, © 1932 by Mackay, Charles
  13. General psychology for college students, © 1929 by Rexroad, Carl Newton
  14. Human development and learning: An interpretive introduction to psychology, © 1939 by Salisbury, Frank Seely
  15. The individual and society, © 1949 by Lewis, Evan L.
  16. The individual criminal, Vol. 1, © 1935 by Karpman, Ben
  17. Influence of different stimuli upon preceding bonds: An examination of the law of effect, © 1931 by Stephens, J. M.
  18. The intelligent individual and society, © 1938 by Bridgman, P. W.
  19. An introduction to the study of society; an outline of primary factors and fundamental institutions, © 1927 by Hankins, Frank Hamilton
  20. A laboratory manual in the psychology of learning, © 1923 by Pyle, William Henry
  21. The management of young children, © 1930 by Blatz, William E.; Bott, Helen
  22. The mentally retarded patient, © 1956 by Michal-Smith, Harold
  23. Motion pictures and the social attitudes of children, © 1933 by Peterson, Ruth C.; Thurstone, L. L.
  24. Motivation of young children: An experimental study of the influence of certain types of external incentives upon the performance of a task, © 1932 by Chase, Lucile
  25. Outlines of child study: A manual for parents and teachers, © 1922 by Gruenberg, Benjamin C. (Ed.)
  26. Personality and social adjustment, © 1923 by Groves, Ernest R.
  27. Personality in the making, © 1923 by Coffin, Joseph Herschel
  28. The principles and practice of clinical psychiatry, © 1937 by Braude, Morris
  29. Progressive practices in directing learning, © 1929 by Palmer, Anthony Ray
  30. The psychiatric study of problem children, © 1930 by Brown, Sanger; Potter, Howard W.
  31. Psychoanalysis and gland personalities, © 1923 by Tridon, Andre
  32. Psychology and history, © 1925 by Barnes, Harry Elmer
  33. The psychology and teaching of number, © 1922 by Drummond, Margaret
  34. Psychology for Bible teachers, © 1925 by Annett, Edward Aldridge
  35. Psychology for teachers: Purposive behavior, the foundation of learning, © 1930 by Collings, Ellsworth; Wilson, Milbourne O.
  36. The psychology of high-school discipline, © 1931 by Pringle, Ralph W.
  37. The riddle of society: A contribution to the understanding of those who do wrong, © 1926 by Platt, Charles
  38. The school for the child from two to eight, © 1935 by Forest, Ilse
  39. The short contact in social case work: A study of treatment in time-limited relationships in social work, Vol. I: General theory and application to two fields, © 1937 by Wilson, Robert S.
  40. A social basis of education, © 1934 by Tuttle, Harold S.
  41. The social conduct and attitudes of movie fans, © 1933 by Shuttleworth, Frank K.; May, Mark A.
  42. Social discovery, © 1925 by Lindeman, Edward C.
  43. Talks to Sunday-school teachers, © 1920 by Weigle, Luther Allan
  44. The technique and administration of teaching, © 1933 by Garrison, Noble Lee
  45. Testing and the uses of test results, © 1935 by Lincoln, Edward A.; Lincoln, Linwood L.
  46. Three problem children: Narratives from the case records of a child guidance clinic, © 1926 by Mary Buell Sayles
  47. Training for group experience: A syllabus of materials from a laboratory course for group leaders given at Columbia University in 1927, © 1929 by Sheffield, Alfred Dwight
  48. Treatment in psychiatry, © 1936 by Diethelm, Oskar
  49. Two to six: Suggestions for parents and teachers of young children (Rev. ed.), © 1937 by Alschuler, Rose H., et al.
  50. Verbal influences on children’s behavior, © 1939 by Johnson, Marguerite Wilker
  51. Why we do it; An elementary discussion of human conduct and related physiology, © 1937 by Mason, Edward C.

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