New Videos Added to PsycTHERAPY

In April, we added 36 new videos to PsycTHERAPY®, our database of streaming psychotherapy videos. This collection allows users to observe psychotherapy techniques as they are put into practice by master practitioners. It now includes 431 videos, in which 245 different presenting issues are discussed.

Still from a PsycTHERAPY video: Dr. Candice M. Monson leads a couples therapy session.

Dr. Candice M. Monson leads a couples therapy session.

The new videos feature several new therapists, bringing the total number of guest experts to 133. These practitioners are demonstrating a variety of therapeutic approaches:

  • Rezvan Ameli: mindfulness for improved mental health
  • Stephen Finn: therapeutic assessment
  • Phillip Kleespies: how to respond to behavioral emergencies
  • Candice Monson: cognitive behavioral therapy with clients suffering from PTSD
  • Tracy Eells: psychotherapy case formulation

Users can search or browse PsycTHERAPY to find these videos, and more. More information about PsycTHERAPY, and our other streaming video products, is available on our website.

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Alison K. Cody, MSLIS

I'm the Manager of Customer Support for APA's Databases & Electronic Resources, and a former academic reference & instruction librarian.