New Titles Now Available in APA PsycBooks

New clinically-focused titles, as well as resources for curbing domestic violence, are now available through your institution’s library as part of your APA PsycBooks subscription. 

Recent additions include the two-volume APA Handbook of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, providing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary overview of the historical foundations and evolution of the field. Other titles help professionals assess and manage domestic violence offenders and provide a clinical foundation for commonly used play therapies.

These e-books provide guidance for a wide variety of professionals dealing with today’s social issues including assisting victims of domestic violence; the etiology and treatment of specific Intellectual and Developmental Disability conditions (including Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, other genetic and chromosomal conditions, autism spectrum disorder, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders); and exploring the therapeutic benefits, core techniques, and empirical support of 15 different forms of play therapy.

Recently Released Ebooks

APA Handbook of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Editors: Laraine Masters Glidden, Leonard Abbeduto, Laura Lee McIntyre, Marc J. Tassé

Associated Courses: Cognitive Disabilities, Developmental Neurodiversity

The past five decades have resulted in dramatic breakthroughs in the understanding of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This comprehensive, interdisciplinary handbook presents the latest research in the study, assessment, treatment, and understanding of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Volume 1. Foundations

The first volume provides an overview of the historical foundations of the field of IDD. It gives the etiology of specific IDD conditions, as well as exploring the interaction of poverty, culture, ethnicity, and race with IDD. It also presents the latest research in assessment, diagnosis, and labeling.

Volume 2. Clinical and Educational Implications: Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment

The second volume addresses interventions and treatments for IDD.  It details issues in evidence-based practice and treatment such as early intervention, special education law, and the diagnosis and management of cerebral palsy. It also discusses other social issues that affect the lives of people with IDD, including family impact and adjustment, relationships and parenting, spirituality, residential and caretaking services, maltreatment and criminal justice issues, stigma and ableism, health, and aging.

Play Therapy with Children: Modalities for Change

Editors: Heidi Gerard KadusonCharles E. Schaefer

Associated Courses: Counseling Child/Youth, Marriage and Family Counseling

Reviews the 15 most commonly used play therapy modalities.

Play therapy is the treatment of choice for children because it allows children to express their troubles through a natural healing process. This book explains why play therapy works and how to deliver it most directly and efficiently.

The volume was written for front-line child therapists, including psychologists, counselors, social workers, and other health professionals; it will be an asset to any beginning child and play therapists as well as to experienced child clinicians who wish to expand their therapeutic tool kit.

Domestic Violence Risk Assessment: Tools for Effective Prediction and Management, Second Edition

Author: N. Zoe Hilton

Associated Courses: Marriage and Family Counseling, Criminology

The second edition of this authoritative text helps professionals charged with curbing domestic violence to assess and manage offenders and their risk of recidivism. With detailed guidelines, this manual is accessible to a wide interdisciplinary audience, including psychologists, victim service and child protection workers, lawyers, police, and threat analysts.

This e-book features thoroughly updated guidelines and scoring manuals based on user experiences and international research, including a comprehensive risk assessment system comprised of the Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA) and the Domestic Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (DVRAG).

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