Webinar Alert: APA Style CENTRAL® Trainings for September & October 2017


APA Style CENTRAL® is the newest member of the APA Style® family, launched in July 2016.

APA’s training specialists have developed several webinars for librarians, instructors, and students that include a content overview and a live demonstration of features.

Click on any session link to register (all times are EDT).

APA Style CENTRAL Online Introduction introduces librarians, faculty, and students to the platform:

Teaching with APA Style CENTRAL details how faculty, librarians, and other instructors can use APA Style CENTRAL in teaching APA Style:

Writing Papers in APA Style CENTRAL teaches end users how to create and save papers using APA Style CENTRAL:

For more information, including the full training schedule, visit the APA Style CENTRAL webinars page.

Request a Customized APA Style CENTRAL Training Webinar

Do you need to train faculty and instructors on how to incorporate APA Style CENTRAL® into their classrooms? Or show a group of students how to use it to write their papers? Are you interested in a more tailored introductory webinar covering the unique tools and services available in APA Style CENTRAL for a wide variety of institutional users?

We can arrange a customized APA Style CENTRAL training session for your class or colleagues. Talk to us! Tell us what you’re looking for and let us help you get started.

APA Style CENTRAL’s exclusive platform for writing in APA Style supports learning throughout all stages of the research and scholarly writing processes, from idea generation to publication. We can help your users to better understand everything that APA Style CENTRAL offers and begin using it to their advantage for research, writing, and teaching.

APA Style CENTRAL: Learn-Research-Write-Publish

Our training specialists can schedule a session specifically tailored for your audience and learning objectives. We have experience providing training for librarians, faculty, students, writing center tutors, Learning Management System (LMS) administrators, and other potential users. If desired, we can break up the training into multiple sessions, which facilitates more participation, makes it easier to coordinate schedules, and enables us to further customize the material. Our training sessions are interactive, remotely accessible from multiple locations, and can be recorded for later viewing by anyone who is unable to attend.

If an existing APA Style CENTRAL training session seems perfect, we will work with your schedule to arrange a convenient time. A live platform demo with a few slides often works well, but you can tailor the format. If you have a list of specific questions and features you want to know more about, we’ll work with you to create a fully customized training session.

We can also schedule a phone call with a few key people if trying to get all stakeholders in the same place is like herding cats. (We understand.)

Interested? Email us at Support@APAStyleCENTRAL.org with some dates that work well for your group.

APA PsycNET® – Updated Search Guides available

Starting on Monday, July 17, APA PsycNET® has a new look and feel, and we’ve updated our search guides to reflect these changes.


If you need help getting started, please see our Quick Reference Guide.


For more detailed information about the fields you’ll see in the record and on the advanced search page, please see our Record Structure.


Interested in further training? Have questions? We’re offering 30-minute webinars to tour the APA PsycNET updates.


Tutorial Thursday: Creating APA Style CENTRAL Accounts

It’s Tutorial Thursday! In this series, we explore APA’s library of video tutorials available on the PsycINFO YouTube channel and the APA Style CENTRAL® YouTube channel. Please feel free to link to or embed our videos in your library websites or LibGuides, course management systems, or other locations where students, faculty, and researchers will find them.

For today’s edition of Tutorial Thursday, we’d like to highlight a video on our APA Style CENTRAL YouTube channel: Creating APA Style CENTRAL Accounts.

Although you don’t need a personal account to access the APA Style CENTRAL quick guides, tutorials, self quizzes, and sample references and papers, you do need to be logged into your account to create and save references, and write papers.

This short tutorial provides an overview of how to create an APA Style CENTRAL account, including:

  • Using your existing APA account associated with your APA membership, MyPsycNET account, or MyAPA account;
  • Looking up an existing APA account with your email address; and
  • Creating a new APA Style CENTRAL account.

Please feel free to link to this tutorial in any location where students, faculty, and researchers will find it!

Want to learn more? View related resources:

Do you have a “how-to” question about APA Style CENTRAL or some aspect of it you’d like to know more about? Please let us know!

APA Style CENTRAL – Using Check Services

Today we’d like to highlight one of our APA Style CENTRAL® handouts, Using APA Style CENTRAL Check Services” (PDF, 832KB). Please feel free to link to this handout where students, faculty, and researchers will find it!

Once you have completed a paper in the Writing Center, you can use the Check Services to make sure your work is formatted according to the guidelines of APA Style®. Check services will flag potential problems with style and formatting, but it is up to the user to review and make the appropriate edits.


The Check Services in APA Style CENTRAL’s Writing Center are:

  • Check Headings Orderlooks for subheadings that may be formatted at the incorrect level
  • Check Orphan Headingslooks for headings that mistakenly have only one subheading
  • Check References – flags references in the Paper Reference List that miss required elements
  • Match Reference Citations – ensures every reference in the Paper Reference List is also a cited reference in the body of the paper
  • Match Table Callouts – ensures every table in the Table List is also called out in the body of the paper
  • Match Figure Callouts – ensures every figure in the Figure List is also called out in the body of the paper

 Want to learn more? You’ll find this handout on our APA Style CENTRAL Handouts and Guides page, where we will continue to add handouts and documentation for users and administrators as they become available.

Do you have a “how-to” question about APA Style CENTRAL or some aspect of it you’d like to know more about? Please let us know!