New Titles Now Available in APA PsycBooks

New additions to APA PsycBooks provide insight into the counseling process. 


One title presents principles and methods for working with emotion in psychotherapy to address the core maladaptive processes that cause anxiety, depression, and other common mental health disorders. The other examines how psychotherapists can be appropriately responsive to clients’ unique needs across a variety of therapeutic approaches.

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From the Deck of: ALA 2021

Welcome to “From the Deck of . . .” a series in which we highlight search demos and other information from the slide decks we create for our conference training sessions.

For the American Library Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition (Virtual), APA submitted a pre-recorded Exhibitor Showcase Stage presentation.

This Showcase Stage:

You can view or download the slides from our ALA 2021 Exhibitor Showcase Stage below.

Or, if you registered for ALA this year, you can watch the recording.

2021 E-Collections New Releases

New additions to the APA Books® E-Collections cover sexual harassment and therapies for PTSD.

The newest clinical titles provide two approaches for treating individuals with PTSD.  One book presents prolonged exposure therapy (PE), a specific manualized exposure therapy program for PTSD. Another details cognitive behavior therapy for postdisaster distress (CBT-PD), a transdiagnostic approach to the treatment of a range of distressing symptoms that occur due to an individual’s involvement with a mass casualty disaster.

The newest academic title is the much-anticipated revision of Evaluating Sexual Harassment: Psychological, Social, and Legal Considerations in Forensic Examinations. The new edition provides essential information to psychologists conducting evidence-based forensic consultation and other professionals who deal with sexual harassment cases.

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New Titles Now Available in APA PsycBooks

New titles on social psychology and clinical treatment are now available through your library as part of your institution’s APA PsycBooks subscription.


The latest book in APA’s Political Psychology in Latin America series presents a broad spectrum of theoretical and methodological perspectives illustrating how political psychology has addressed critical social issues in Latin America. Also available is a volume providing a succinct overview of the processes and mechanisms responsible for conditioning and learning. Other clinically-focused works describe treatments for patients with chronic respiratory diseases and alternative treatments for PTSD.

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New Thesaurus Terms for Searching APA PsycInfo

In February 2021, APA added 35 new terms to theThesaurus of Psychological Index Terms® to provide more effective searching on current topics such as COVID-19 and racial issues.  

Most of these new terms are mapped back and added to previously published records in APA’s databases. This Thesaurus update also included 15 new cross-referenced terms, and new and revised scope notes. 

The 9,800+ index terms found in the Thesaurus provide precise and consistent terminology for searching all APA research databases. Using the controlled vocabulary of the Thesaurus means a database search will quickly retrieve all items about a specific concept no matter what keywords the authors used. 

The Thesaurus tool is found on all platforms as part of APA PsycInfo® and redirects synonyms to the preferred “Use” term to include in your search. Each Thesaurus record includes links to broader terms, narrower terms, and related terms, the year the term was introduced, an historical note if applicable, and a scope note providing definition and application. 

You can see the full list of Thesaurus changes on our website.  

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